adoption is your best option

its eating at me like a cancer,
though i come through like a dancer.
this is the answer,
just find a way to romance her.
just the taste of fear,
allows the thoughts to be clear
i feel the transition is near
not sure which way to steer.
locate the path with natural instinct
rotate the wrath of the missing link,
avoid disaster with a simple wink.
now playing in ink allows me to think.
what you have left is a stain!
the blind can see the pain
but its not in vain
ride it like a train
pick your lane
pick a shoulder for the fame
the free one will be your main
sense of direction
learning an art of deflection,
will give you a sense of protection
remember the injection?
it was for the infection
check your reflection
for a proper inspection
of the retrospection…


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