Four Ways to Shake Back

1. Review your relationships at work, at home, or anywhere you associate with others, cherish your loved ones and remove any negative relationships. Just in case you didn’t notice, most people unconsciously mirror their peers’ demeanor so choose your relationships wisely.

2. Prioritize your daily endeavors; accomplish your most important goals immediately upon waking up. Falling asleep while focusing on the next days goal allows for a pattern of growth to develop and assists you in achieve your goals effortlessly.

3. Is life becoming overwhelming? Mental circuits overloaded? Schedule time to work on multiple tasks by breaking the task into 15 to 20 minute intervals. Work on your basic daily work, try enhancing your meditation skills, maybe take a break to walk briskly.

4. Being creative requires living your life and embracing fear as well as discomfort. Remember to make time for your personal life. Become capable of turning off the workstation to truly be in the moment and also enjoy the moment.


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