Becoming Assertive

1. In order to deliver yourself from recent failures, encourage a troubled person, by comforting someone else you comfort yourself.

2. Beliefs shape your reality; your words reveal your beliefs and make them true. Believe you are capable and tell yourself, “I am capable.”

3. The key to overcoming addiction is to transform fruitless habits into knowledge building routines.

4. To rise to exceptional, schedule your moments, and remember structure is the doorway to freedom.

5. Happiness is produced by fulfilling purpose and achieving goals. Switch your mindset from pleasure driven to purpose driven.

6. Accomplishments build momentum whether large or small. Achieving small goals creates opportunities for new larger goals.

7. View obstacles as fresh opportunities to truly benefit from all work.

8. Surround yourself with knowledge and others that are interested in advancement. Build confidence and know you are moving forward.

9. Replace mind numbing television/social media with meaningful books.

10. Relationships are a very important factor in achieving success. Enjoy your relationships and treat others how you want to be treated.


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